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Handwriting is an important part of a child’s school-aged years. Scribing notes during lessons (including copying directly from the board), taking tests, and completing in-class assignments, as well as communicating ideas, answers, thoughts, greetings, and basically, knowledge to people, are all age-appropriate expectations of students in present-day classrooms. Future requirements of students include the timed composition areas of the SATs. Good handwriting strokes (letter formation) = efficient strokes = faster handwriting…

Handwriting is also very complex task. Even in the earliest stages of learning how to form letters, numbers, and shapes, a child must watch and listen to the demonstration- and process the information- in order to replicate a “finished product.” Analysis of a child’s handwriting can provide clues to developmental problems that potentially hinder classroom learning, as teachers depend on written work in order to measure how well a child is learning. An occupational therapist will look at the following components of handwriting:

  • Demonstration of correct grasp of a pencil
  • Spatial concepts (spacing; sizing; orientation to line)
  • Maintaining posture (core strength and upper extremity stabilization)
  • Copy of letters/words (near-copy from another piece of paper / far-copy from the chalkboard)
  • Letter formation
  • Utilization of appropriate pressure- prevent fatigue

We can help!

  • 45-minute classes that are interactive and fun
  • Small-group instruction
  • Sensory motor warm-up and preparation in each class
  • Written breakdown of session- to keep you in the loop!
  • Improve legibility, efficiency and spatial concepts
  • Compensatory methods for handwriting difficulties
  • Increase your understanding of why your child (the student) is struggling with handwriting
  • Classes are led by a licensed and certified occupational therapist or occupational therapy assistant
  • Based on Handwriting Without Tears curriculum by Jan Z. Olesen.

Classes are held on Thursday afternoons at our N Dale Mabry location in Tampa, FL. Call 813.856.9449 or email info@etikids.com for more information.